Download a copy of Alba and Monument Valley dev Ustwo will plant a tree

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, the next game from Monument Valley and Whale Trail studio Ustwo, is all about celebrating the environment.

It’s out today on Steam, GOG and Apple Arcade, and this morning our Christian Donlan gave it a reccomended review badge, calling it “quiet, restorative magic”.

Now, on top of that feel-good feeling, developer Ustwo has said it will plant a tree for every copy of the game downloaded – up to one million trees total.

Alba is an indie open world game set on a sun-drenched island which is home to animals you are tasked with finding and photographing. There’s a wider story to uncover, too, about the island being threatened with development.

On PC, Alba costs £13.49 though currently has a 20 per cent launch discount. On iPhone, it is part of the £4.99/month Apple Arcade subscription.