New report claims Carson Wentz wants to stay with Eagles

Last week, one of the Sunday Splash! reports came from the notion that the Eagles still believe in quarterback Carson Wentz. This week, one of the Sunday Splash! reports (from the same reporter) flowed from the suggestion that, if Wentz isn’t the starter, he wants out of Philadelphia.

Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press disputes the latter, tweeting this: “Carson Wentz is invested in Philadelphia/South Jersey communities. It’s not just about him. It’s about family, friends, his AO1 Foundation, his Thy Kingdom Crumb food truck, friendships & relationships. I’m told he doesn’t want out of Philly & he hasn’t told that to anyone.”

The easiest way to reconcile this is to say that Wentz hasn’t told that to anyone, but that his agents have. And that’s quite possibly the best way to harmonize the competing reports.

If the Eagles ultimately decide to try to move Wentz, there’s value in blowing up the team’s leverage and forcing its hand. Indeed, if Wentz will be traded one way or the other, it’s in his best interests to do whatever he can to ensure that the new team gives up as little as possible to get him, so that he’ll have more help in the form of players and draft picks with his next franchise.